A panoramic loft by Ôzento is a pioneering and innovative type of accommodation. Light and sustainable, it proposes you an environment-friendly lifestyle in harmony with a biotope area. 

Our advantages.

• Fully customizable premium loft

• Different rectangular modules : 20m², 25m², 30m², 35m², 50m², 75m², 100m², 125m², 150m² and the elliptic one of 60m² that are all compatibles between each other

• Sober and harmonious design (Price of the Observeur du Design and French Design 2022)

• Stilt-based design to minimize impact on the site

• Construction in 1 month

• Installation and assembly on site in less than 7 days

• Fully autonomous on options (solar panels, recovery and treatment of rainwater...)

• Modular

• Transportable anywhere in the world

Our modules.

We have created several models from 19m² to 150m² to fulfil all your needs. We also offer a possibility to assemble various modules together to produce a superior living spaces.


Examples of projects


Designers of Fritsch Durisotti carefully select the first choice materials used by Ôzento.

Our suppliers guarantee its upscale quality and sustainability. In order to make our design even more unique, we endowed it with single and neat lines, providing both modern and bright constructions with an intention to make the most of living spaces.


We will manufacture your loft in terms of 1 month. Ôzento ensures transportation and onsite construction, which makes it possible to complete the installation in a few days.



Undoubtedly modern and environment-friendly orientated, our unique accommodations are designed to integrate into the natural flora and fauna functioning. The structures of our constructions are built with stilts materials to minimize the impact on the installation field.

They love us.

Our partners.


22 rue Delambre
75014 PARIS