For personal needs

Make your dreams a reality.

What about fancy and unusual accommodation?

To escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Ôzento offers a unique concept of authentic and eco-friendly designed lofts.

This atypical cottage will become your new source of inspiration during your stay and will reduce damage on nature.


Due to the modular construction of our Ôzento lofts, we can propose you a dozen of personalized solutions to satisfy your space needs.

We understand modern needs and can propose advanced solutions.

Bigger living room, one or more bedrooms, a bathroom, terraces and other areas can be added to your loft with no issues for our team.


We can improve your life-quality within 45 days.


The Ô75 is our most significant model in the Ô collection.

Designed to propose all-in-one huge capacities and large spaces, Ô75 can still integrate other Ôzento lofts in order to create your own and unique place.

This Ôzento loft may be a house you've been looking for since forever.  

According to our turnkey concept, this model can offer you a large living area consisting of two spacious bedrooms, a bright bathroom, and a kitchen mixed with a living room.

Technical characteristics

Length : 11,88 m

Width : 8,39 m

Interior height : 2,5m

Height of pilings : tailor-made

Structure : steel or wood

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Send us a message, and we will be delighted to communicate with you about your project and to share more details with you about the Ôzento concept. Our experts will answer all your questions.


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