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Make your dreams a reality.

It seems like you are looking for an original concept to amaze demanding customers. 

Combining originality and eco-friendly materials, Ôzento concept gives freedom to your creativity, offering a unique hotel experience in high-end accommodations.

We can propose you various options, composed of an extensive living area, one or two beautiful bedrooms, a kitchen with a panoramic view and a bathroom.

Nearby the water, on the dunes, in the forest and the mountains, wherever you are, or you want to be, your Ôzento is within easy reach.

Ôzento lofts are built of stilts materials in order to minimize the impact on the installation field, and so, can adapt to any environment. Their design, contemporary and sleek erases the boundaries with nature to provide a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

Our unique industrial know-how makes this dream a reality within 45 days.

Contact our team so that your customers get an unforgettable experience!


This module has been specially designed for higher-class hotels. Ô30 is created as a module providing all the necessary options for your comfort, including access to people with reduced mobility.

Our modules are fully equipped to offer you top quality comfort: a comfortable sleeping area, a working, and reading space, a relaxing bathroom. You can also add the kitchen as an additional option.

These lodges will surround you with an enveloping atmosphere of calm and unity with nature

Technical characteristics

Length : 7,83  m

Width : 6,83 m

Interior height : 2,5m

Height of pilings : tailor-made

Structure : steel or wood

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