Ôzento, an approach in the heart of sustainable development

Ôzento concept is a subject of a global reflection. To limit its fabrication impact on the environment and optimise energy performances we've decided to 

choose our proper direction.

Our main purpose is to conceive an esthetic housing environment while remaining in a perspective of sustainable development. 

"We believe that the vast majority of people is concerned about sustainable development. Every day, these people are trying to change the urban world through small actions and looking for new solutions. 

Therefore, from the very beginning, we integrated sustainable development in our project in order to make Ôzento lofts an accessible housing environment for all. We want to create a loft which can be set up and disassembled according to its technical plan in a short time with no impact on nature."

It is by multiplying small actions that we will get a real result:

Factory production

For reasons of cost, and mainly to limit the impact on the environment, we produce Ôzento lofts in partnership with factories. Our team uses an elaborate system for material selection in order to make our structure construction eco-friendly.  This choice has many advantages in terms of sustainable development : the benefit of the quality of an industrial process, improved working conditions for employees, a substantial reduction of the impacts and nuisances of this construction site in urban areas.

Limitation of environmental impact

The construction of Ôzento lofts is fixed on stilts (piles screwed into the ground), which allow you to leave no traces on the natural environment. You can disassemble or move your loft in a few years. The land of its location will remain untouched!

Choice of materials

We prioritise eco-friendly materials in our production. For example, based on prices and availability, we use such primary natural products as chestnut-tree or pine-tree for the terrace floor, larch for the architecture partitioning, double glazing with thermal bridge rupture, etc.)

Bioclimatic design

Another critical point is the energy-saving design. Our Ôzento team believes that high-quality materials and proper steady construction are conditions, which can improve your routine and preserve our planet from global warming. 

In the aim to find the best solution, both for you and our planet, our team provides you with support and advice for your landscape optimisation.

Use of recyclable elements

Our models use recyclable details to make it easier for you to improve your eco-responsibility. Examples include recyclable coatings made of polyvinyl chloride, a monolayer EPDM rubber, which are materials with limited environmental impact, inert and fully recyclable.



The purpose of these regulations is to reduce energy consumption while giving preferences to new technologies. Whether it is for heating, ventilation, or lighting, the RE2020 regulations significantly reduce the energy intake of your future Ôzento.

Air quality

Your health is of paramount importance to us. The eco-friendly Ôzento loft has to guarantee the healthiest air quality during its utilisation. With the RT2012, your home can benefit from isolation against external pollution. The CMV is specially dedicated to ensure the fresh air and to reduce humidity.

Home automated equipment

To avoid squandering excess, we suggest the home automation for Ôzento. Efficient for your eco-consciousness, it is also beneficial for your everyday life. With set up motion sensors for the lights and the automatised reaction of roller shutters according to the solar activity, you will finally appreciate your perfect routine.

To know more

Heating system

Heating accounts for 60-75% of household energy expenses and contribute to greenhouse waste generation. In the aim to limit this reaction, we propose other alternatives, such as a thermodynamic water heater or a solar water heater using the photovoltaic panels on your roof.

Another alternative often preferred by our customers, due to the cosy atmosphere it offers, is a wood stove.

Energy system

It offers solutions for capturing solar or wind energy, converting, storing and returning this energy to your advantage and the benefit of the environment. It can supply up to 10 kWh per cubic meter. We can connect up to 10 cubes at a time.

Water system

We offer solutions to supply you with clean, sanitised and potable water wherever your Ozento is.

Any sources of water, such as wells, rains or streams, can serve as sources for this system. Once collected, water is getting purified to ensure safe use. 

Communication system

Our communication system provides Internet connectivity from anywhere in the world. Able to receive a signal through a telecommunication network or via satellite, the cubes provide an Internet connection in the city, in the countryside, or even in the middle of the desert.

An attitude to develop and encourage!

Once your Ôzento is delivered, you will receive a personalised guide of essential practices for optimising the livelihood of your loft. 

Indeed, your habits and lifestyle are necessary for the intelligent intake of Ôzento. Mismanagement of roller shutters, windows, heaters or appliances can increase the energy intake of any eco-friendly accommodation. Feel free to consult our team about possible solutions. 


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