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Meet the Ôzento's founders.


President of Ôzento

Business development


Director of design studio


Philippe GALLOIS

President and architect at 

A.26 (9ème agence de France)

Why did we create Ôzento ?

Due to our turnkey concept we propose a comprehensive solution to all our clients.

Our modern society is getting more and more involved to the urbanistic living environment according to its habits and career duties. In spite of this, we are still genuinely looking for the authenticity, calmness, and unity with nature, as a way of relaxation and escape.

It is in this spirit that the designers of Fritsch Durisotti have imagined this forward-looking panoramic loft, presented today as The Ôzento concept. 

Undoubtedly modern and environment-friendly orientated, our unique accommodations are designed to be perfectly integrated into the natural flora and fauna functioning. 

For the structure of our constructions we mostly use stilts materials in order to minimize the impact on the installation field. Exactly with the same ecological purpose, we manufacture our lofts in a specialized factory.

The first-class materials used by Ôzento are carefully selected by designers of Fritsch Durisotti. Its upscale quality and sustainability is guaranteed by our suppliers. In order to make our design even more unique, we endowed it with unparalleled and neat lines, providing both modern and bright constructions with an intention to make the most of living spaces.

Designed as a loft with an on-demand adaptability according to the use of which it is intended, several Ôzento modules can get attached to each other, so as to transform an area to meet various space demands and desires.

Exceptional design, combined with environment and its turnkey concept, distinguish Ôzento as a premium positioned enterprise. We ensure transportation and onsite construction, which makes it possible to complete the installation in terms of 1 week. Our full-fledged quality control, from the very beginning of project to the last minute of the installation process, guarantees a high level of premium services.


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22 rue Delambre
75014 PARIS