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Make your dreams a reality. 

Looking for an additional working area for your growing team?

The elegant Ôzento lofts are endowed with an incredible natural light capacity due to their panoramic spaces. Our team makes possible a dream of the environmental-friendly solution that allows your creative thinking to express itself with renewed vigour

Ôzento loft is an original variant of the inspiring working area giving value to discussion and collaboration for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups. We offer various options of a loft size, which can contain conference rooms, workspaces, bathrooms, kitchen and relaxation area.

According to your desires, Ôzento lofts can get transformed by uniting various modules together to produce superior living spaces so that you can use it for an even more original activity: concept stores, a tourist office, a golf club or a beach bar.

Our modular approach is beyond your imagination.

Discover our lofts and live your desires!


By its rectangular form and its spacious glazed construction, this model has become our favorite.

You can either use this model as a luxury hotel room, as an office, or even as a fully-equipped secondary house. 

By dint of its large glazed spaces, you will be in communion with the outer space surrounding you!

Technical characteristics

Length : 8,39  m

Width : 8,39  m

Interior height : 2,5m

Height of pilings : tailor-made

Structure : steel or wood

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