Our modules.

Several models to meet various space demands and desires.

Each of our models can be offered apart. That is to say, just the structure, without water supplies and ventilation equipment.

Even so, we propose our clients a fully-equipped type of accommodation including a turnkey offer. The only thing to do is to install your furniture!

Ôzento constructions are customizable according to your needs through our catalogue : low terrace, high terrace, staircase, vegetation, independent modules, domotic equipment, roller shutters, and even more. You can receive a list of multiple choices of the interior coating selected by our team, by filling up a contact form on the page « contact us ».

We also offer a possibility to assemble various modules together to produce a superior living spaces.


We created this module to satisfy a very specific need: the desire to expand the already existing space without a building permit!

Pre-declaration is sufficient.

Total interior surface : 19m²


The Ô25 can be used as an extension of your home-space as well as an extra-room for your office. Also, we find this model perfectly fitting into the high-end hotel business in virtue of its functionality and elegance.

Total interior surface : 21m²


This module has been specially designed for the higher class hotels. Ô30 is created as a module providing all the necessary options for your comfort, including the access to people with reduced mobility.

Total interior surface : 30m²


You can either use this model as a luxury hotel room, as an office, or even as a fully-equipped secondary house. 

By dint of its large glazed spaces, you will be in communion with the outer space surrounding you!

Total interior surface : 45m²


This model is different from the others due to its unique elliptical shape. It's up to you to imagine the layout of your dreams!

Total interior surface : 60m²


The Ô75 can offer you a wide living space suitable for a various use. For example, as a 75m² environment-friendly construction, it can entirely match with demand of a country house, an event space, a luxury lodge, a co-working space or a business office.

Total interior surface : 70m²


This model, both spacious and elegant, has the advantage of a covered terrace.

Possibility to make a loft, to benefit from a maximum of spaces open to nature.

Total interior surface : 91m²


This model has the shape of a L. this is the only one of our Ô collection.

Total interior surface : 110m²


This model is the most spacious of our Ô collection.

Total interior surface : 140m²


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