A module without a building permit!

We created this module to satisfy a definite need: the desire to expand the already existing space without a building permit!

Pre-declaration is sufficient.

The Ô20 module can perfectly fit for the different types of use. As an ideal solution for more significant space needs, this model can transform any area into a hotel room, an office, a reception area, an artist’s workshop, or an extra room in your house. It’s up to you to find the use of this luxurious module!

Technical characteristics

Length : 7,66 m

Width : 4,90 m

Interior height : 2,5m

Height of pilings : tailor-made

Structure : steel or wood

Additional information

10-year warranty

Thermal regulation 2012

Transportation and assembly : included (1 week)

Ôzento for personal needs.

The Ô20 module can serve as an extra space in your house, which you can use to create a new guest room or to increase the number of your sleeping places.

Another possibility is to create a workshop. It is proven that it is easier to get inspired in the natural environment as it gives way to imagination.

You could even make a return on that investment by renting the Ô20 module for the rest of the year if you’re not using it.

Plan Ô20 - model out of water / air

Ôzento for the hotel industry.

Your customers are increasingly searching for a peaceful, natural, isolated environment during their visit?

With Ôzento cozy and elegant modules, for now, this dream can come true.

The model of this upscale hotel bungalow was created as a double room.

Your customers will enjoy a beautiful open view of their accommodation, equipped with a bathroom and a kitchen area. Due to our turnkey solution, you will only need to decorate your loft according to your tastes to make it personalized and unique.

We can decorate the Ô20 module with a terrace to offer a breathtaking view and even greater comfort to your clients! The size of the terrace will be determined according to your wishes.

Plan Ô20 - hotel/life model

Ôzento for business.

Why don't you install your offices in this Ôzento module?

This environment-friendly space is designed to offer you a stimulating working area.

Constructed to give you as much daylight as possible, the Ô20 module can be customized and arranged according to your company’s DNA.

Likewise, there are many other possible ways to use our Ô20: a concept-store, a tourist office, a clubhouse, and so on.

We would love to discuss your ideas together!

Plan Ô20 - office / co-working model

For hotels

Discover our solutions adapted to your hotels, whether for 1 or 100 units. We propose a turnkey solution in order to save your time. 

For business

Customize our modules according to your needs: office, co-working space, concept store, tourist office, reception area, etc.

For personal needs

Meet our innovative accommodations. Bright, spacious, and environmental-friendly, we guarantee you a quality nature immersion with our Ôzento lofts.


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