This model can be an excellent solution for various needs.

The Ô25 is an easily adaptable model which can transform itself in an extra bedroom or a high-quality hotel bungalow. The only thing to do is to explain us your goals and preferences. 

Technical characteristics

Length : 8,39 m

Width : 4,90 m

Interior height : 2,5m

Height of pilings : tailor-made

Structure : steel or wood

Additional information

10-year warranty

Thermal regulation 2012

Transportation and assembly : included (1 week)

Ôzento for personal needs. 

The Ô25 is an easily adaptable loft created to perfectly fit into your house and so to offer you an exceptional opportunity to enlarge your living space. Imagine, after only one month of construction process at the factory, you can get a 25m2 environmental-friendly bungalow created especially for you.

This module can become your new bedroom, guest room, home office or simply a relaxing area offering you an experience of unity with nature.

Another possible option is to create your own workshop. It is proven that it is easier to get inspired in the natural environment as it gives space to imagination and creativity.

Plan Ô25 - model out of water / air

Ôzento for the hotel industry.

Your customers are increasingly searching for a peaceful, natural, and spacious environment for their work journeys or vacations?

We understand modern needs and can propose advanced solutions.

With Ôzento cosy and elegant modules, for now, this dream can be your reality.

The Ô25 model is an upscale double room bungalow created and adapted for a pleasant pastime as a hotel room located in a very heart of natural environment.

With our lofts, you can make your business exceptional and even more attractive. The Ôzento concept is able to liven up the hotel industry and transform it into the new, original accommodations offering people an environmental-friendly living area with an open-nature view.

We can upgrade the Ô25 module by adding a terrace. This service is a great chance to offer a breathtaking view and even greater comfort to your clients! The size of the terrace will be determined according to your wishes. 

Plan Ô25 - hotel/life model

Ôzento for business.

Tired of the urban way to do business in the high-rise buildings?

Ôzento modules are designed to offer you a possibility to work and study far away from the everyday city pollution.

Constructed to offer you an exclusively bright and functional local, Ô25 module can be customised and arranged in any way you may need. Furthermore, this Ôzento loft can become your new concept-store, a part of your tourist office, a trendy bar and many other options.

We would love to discuss your ideas together!

Plan Ô25 - office / co-working model

For hotels

Discover our solutions adapted to your hotels, whether for 1 or 100 units. We propose a turnkey solution in order to save your time. 

For business

Customize our modules according to your needs: office, co-working space, concept store, tourist office, reception area, etc.

For personal needs

Meet our innovative accommodations. Bright, spacious, and environmental-friendly, we guarantee you a quality nature immersion with our Ôzento lofts.


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