Meet the housing of the future

The panoramic loft imagined by Ôzento is a pioneering and innovative model of housing. Non intrusive and durable, it offers a life experience in harmony with our biotope, in respect of the environment. It is a single platform designed for housing, entertainment or business purposes designed to be set up anywhere according to your desires.

According to your desires. 

We have developed four models to meet all of your needs.


This model can be used as an extra room in your home; or a room for upscale hotels.


This model consists of two rooms to propose a pleasant living space.

Also suitable for professional needs (showroom, tourist office, offices, etc.).


This model offers a vast living space suitable for various uses: vacation homes, event space, luxury lodge, co-working space, offices for professionals, etc.


Resolutely directed on an innovative design, the elliptic model offers a unique experience with unlimited possibilities of uses...

They love us.


The first choice materials selected by the designers Fritsch Durisotti and its quality French suppliers guarantee a sustainable and upscale habitat. Its unparalleled and clean lines provide both a modern and luminous habitat to make the most of living spaces


We will manufacture your loft in only 1 month. Ôzento ensures transport and assembly allowing a complete installation on site in a few days.


Resolutely contemporary and directed towards nature, this unique housing is designed to fit with its environment. The frame was thus designed on stilts to minimize the impact on the installation site.


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