Full immersion in an exceptional environement

Turn key concept

Our generations are more and more urban by their lifestyle and their habits and they are regularly under professional constraints. However, they nevertheless seek authenticity, calm, harmony with nature as a way of relaxation and escape.

It is in this spirit that the designers Fritsch Durisotti have imagined Ôzento, a forward-looking panoramic loft.

Resolutely contemporary and directed towards nature, this unique housing is designed to fit with its environment. The frame was thus designed on stilts to minimize the impact on the installation site. With this same ecological purpose, we manufacture our lofts in factory.

This space is designed as a loft with an on-demand adaptability according to the use for which it is intended, several modules can connect to each other to meet varying space needs.

The first choice materials selected by the designers Fritsch Durisotti and its quality French suppliers guarantee a sustainable and upscale habitat. Its unparalleled and clean lines provide both a modern and luminous habitat to make the most of living spaces.

Ôzento distinguishes itself by its premium positioning, its unique design in harmony with its environment and its turnkey concept. Ôzento ensures the transport and the assembly allowing an on-site complete installation in 2 days. The complete control of the value chain, from design to assembly ensures a level of premium quality.

It is quite clear that Ôzento through its resolutely modern approach is perfectly on-line with our time. Then do not wait any more to live this new experience.


165 bis, rue de Vaugirard
75015 PARIS

+33 6 63 93 60 33